Who is “Harold F. Rich”?

Harold F. Rich went from a mediocre life to making millions for himself and his clients.

He grew up in a very small town in the Austrian mountains where the people have limited exposure to innovation and new ideas. For this reason, at the age of 18, Harold decided to move to Vienna, Austria’s beautiful capital city, searching for something more.

Harold started his entrepreneurial career at just 19. Back then he was running two restaurants in Vienna, and though business was good, he didn’t see a lot of opportunity for growth in this industry. Rent was extremely high and he had to employ over 25 people to keep his business running. At that time, the internet was just becoming known and he saw a lot more opportunity there. Within days he decided to sell his share of the business to his partner. The money he got from the sale supported him over the next couple of years allowing him to study, what was at that days called, Multimedia. Soon he got his first clients and went from doing web design to specializing in SEO to becoming one of the leading authorities in online marketing and Ecommerce today.

Today, Harold and his family live on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, and Harold is well known as the World’s #1 Ecommerce Scaling Expert
He has helped hundreds of companies to increase their revenue and scale up their businesses.

In addition, Harold runs several highly successful Ecommerce businesses himself, so he practices what he preaches.


“Highly Recommend. Harold functioned not only as my advisor – but became a critical member of my team.”

Jack Kingston
Chairman, National Security Advisory Board, Washington, D.C.

“Great success can only be achieved with the right partner. Harold is one of the right ones who has contributed significantly to our success.” 

Christoph Schram
Head of Ecommerce – Wunderman PXP

“One essential ingredient to our online success was consulting with Harold Rich. His deep understanding of SEO and the Ecommerce landscape was invaluable.”

Brian Prince, CEO, Best of the Web

 “I have found Harold to be a seasoned expert in his chosen field who has demonstrated the ability to work with us in a flexible manner that suits our business. As our business grows,  is able to scale up the resources with ease, without any compromise on expected deliverables. I have found his skill set to be invaluable for our business and have no hesitation in recommending his services to other companies looking for a genuine solution that will work for the long-term health of the business.”

Ilonka Hofmann, Ecommerce Director, Vitality 4 Life

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