Ecommerce Affiliate Marketing


Ecommerce Affiliate Marketing is the topic I’m going to talk about today. Hi and welcome. My name is Harold F. Rich, and today I’m going to talk about Ecommerce affiliate marketing. I’m not going to talk about how you can find an affiliate marketing platform, or system, or whatever. I’m going to talk about if you are an Ecommerce business, how can you attract and find affiliates for your Ecommerce business? We’ve done that for our own Ecommerce businesses and it really works out very well, and I was really surprised how much money just one affiliate can bring you. A really interesting thing behind that is if you look at my conversion numbers, you can really see if affiliates … I have to explain … so these affiliates, some of the affiliates, are very trusted, they have their own blogs. They are authorities in their industry. So it’s fascinating to see if they drive traffic from their blog articles.

So they wrote articles about our company and our products, and if traffic is coming through their affiliate link, you can clearly see that they have an extremely high conversion rate. I think the conversion rate is around 20% if they come through their links, and this is because they trust these people … these influentials, these main affiliates … already, and people will trust them, people will click on the link, and people will be much more likely to buy from you because they trust the people who they recommended us. So this is really interesting to see, and we see that for some of our affiliates, if they have a huge following, people will just buy from you, they will trust you more, you don’t have to have so many trusted signals on your website.

So this is really a great thing, and I can just recommend it. To set up an affiliate website, actually these days it’s very easy. We had a little trouble to find the right affiliate platform. I will place some links below that you can pick an affiliate platform. The critical or the little tricky for us was basically that our business model is basically based on subscriptions, and there are not many affiliate platforms out there that can actually handle subscriptions. The affiliates we have will actually earn automatically money if people subscribe to our products, they will automatically earn if they buy the next time, so if the subscription comes up like every seven days, the affiliate will automatically earn money, automatically really seven days later.

It was quite hard to find affiliate portal that supports that because most of the affiliate portals just support the one-time affiliate provision. That was really a problem for us. Most of the stores we’re using are Shopify stores and a lot of old-fashioned affiliate platforms that we can use as Ecommerce business owners don’t really have the plugins to deal with the Shopify platforms. So I will post some links below to show you some platforms that we’re using. The setup was basically very easy, you can upload a lot of banners that you can provide to your affiliates. You can set up like, say, this affiliate gets 5%, this gets 10% and 20%. The nice thing about this, it’s almost like multi-level marketing in there, in the software you use, because you can basically set up tiers.

So if you have affiliate and he going to get another affiliate, then he will still earn some money on the affiliate he brought in. It goes down, I think, three or five levels, I’m not quite sure; so the affiliate who brings another affiliate, he will still earn some money from it. So that will again boost up your revenue and actually, you know your affiliates will be very interested in getting all your friends and all their colleagues to buy from you, because they always earn money with that. If they bring you somebody who is another affiliate and they brought him in, they will also make money from that.

So this is a really great business model and it will take away a lot of your marketing, because if you have people like that, most of the time it’s like you have to pay them the affiliate commission and for a lot of more trusted affiliates or influentials, you also have to pay them extra amount of money to write this blog post or to get you somehow better involved. These days, in most of the industries, there’s a lot of competition, so they will not just promote you, they will also promote most of your competitors probably. If your competitors are clever, they will also be going to use these