Ecommerce Business Ideas


ECommerce business ideas is the topic we gonna talk about today. Hi, and welcome. My name is Harald F. Rich, and today we talk about ECommerce business ideas. So if you’re getting started, what is the right product basically, what is the right idea for you to go after?

There are a lot of ways where you can find out what are people selling, what are people, what products are making money for other people. So one way or one strategy would just go to Amazon and look at the Amazon best sellers. I would strongly recommend picking your industry or niche that you are interested yourself.

So, maybe you’re interested in fishing, or you’re interested into I don’t know, hunting or you’re a very technical person, so you’re like, you like laptops or webcams or whatever. So pick an industry or like pets. Maybe you like dogs, so let’s take this example. So you like dogs? And why don’t you just open up a store for dogs?

You should then look at the Amazon best sellers. You can just Google Amazon best sellers. You will find a link there where we’ll show you basically what is selling best in this categories. If you go there, you will find a lot of products that are branded products. So there will be like pedigree, and there will be some other brands that you can’t buy anywhere cheaper because every store will sell it. So at the Wal-Mart will sell it at whatever, excuse me. But you will find products like leashes or like funny dog stuff or maybe costumes for dogs or whatever. You will find dog gadgets or automated stuff or cameras for dogs. You will find a lot of gadgets that are selling very well.

So look at the best sellers and then you don’t have to buy it from Amazon. But write down what the best sellers are. Then I would suggest going to AliExpress, and at AliExpress, you can sort, you can type in like, dog and then you can sort using old account. So you will see which products are getting ordered most. And then you will see your dog niche, and then you will see which products are selling best. And then you can just pick a product.

And I would recommend starting with AliExpress. So, you start as a drop shipper. Set up a Shopify store, get the right plug-ins to pull in the products from AliExpress, then pick the product you want to have. Like, pick five, ten products whatever. Be very specific. So if you have, I would suggest like to get let’s say the five products of the same, or which is almost the same. If it is dogs, you can’t get a leash, and I don’t know some very related stuff.

I wouldn’t start to you know, pull in a leash and dog food, so it should be very related. So, if you do advertising, and people come to your website, they will find stuff that is very related to what they wanted to buy. So it’s much easier for you also to upsell and cross sell them, other stuff. And this is where actually, you make money in drop shipping.

Like I told you, in some of the other videos, it’s to get contact details from our customers because we market the other products to them. This could also be a strategy for you. So if you pick a product, if you are going to figure out what industry will work for you and what you can sell, I would recommend looking at your self. What are your interests? And then pick that industry because if you also were likely to buy that, then you know what you want. You know what you expect. You know what people want if they want to purchase the product, you know that, okay, the description, if I read the description of the product, I don’t see how long the leash is or I don’t see what color it is. And I don’t know if it fits for my dog, and stuff like that.

So if you are a dog lover, you will know that. So, you need to pick an industry that you’re interested in. Don’t just go after like, iPhone cases or iPhone covers, so whatever. Don’t go into the industry, if you are not very interested in iPhones or if you don’t buy iPhone cases. And for Rick, if you know what you’re talking about, this is a great niche for you to go in. But get my point, you shouldn’t just pick a product because it seems like a lot of people are buying it.

And then go to AliExpress, or you can also get from Amazon, but the process, the advantage of like Amazon is, it’s a little more expensive, but it’s much more expensive most of the time for stuff like that. But it’s getting shipped out quite fast.

The problem is that a lot of Amazon sellers will then also put market materials like flyers into the boxes and sent that to your customers and also go after your customers because then they have the addresses and stuff like that.

For AliExpress, most of this Chinese shippers don’t do that because it’s too much effort for them and the customers are too far away. So if you buy from AliExpress, they will send it out for you. The problem there is that often, the shipping times are very long but to get started, I recommend to pick an industry that you are interested in. Go to AliExpress, pull in the products, be a drop shipper, find out what is working for you. If it’s working for you, get the product shipped to your place or get a warehouse or whatever, and then you have also the shipping, the shipping time, and everything under control, and then you can satisfy your customers.

This is what I recommend to get started with your ECommerce business, and this is how you can pick your industry. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and also subscribe to my YouTube channel of course. I’m giving away one book a week for the best comment so if you comment below; you could be that you’re getting a book. So, I’ll see you tomorrow. I hope that it was useful. Bye-bye, see you.