Ecommerce Conversion Optimization


Ecommerce conversion optimization, this is what we are talking about today. It’s a very important topic because it’s not enough to just drive traffic to your website. You can drive a lot of traffic, of course, it’s important to drive the right kind of traffic. If you drive the right kind of traffic to your website, then your conversion will be automatically higher.

If people come to your website that are expecting something else, so if you’re actually advertising strategy, if your message in your ads is not the right messages. If you’re advertising some, I don’t know, some product and say 50% discount but then they land on your website, and they probably don’t even land on the product page, or it doesn’t look on the product page like there would be a discount, there would be a problem because then people will leave. They will be happy with the message flow. You have to show them the same thing they are expecting if you show them a certain ad copy, or image, or whatever.

If you are driving the right kind of customers to your website, if you promise them the right things in your ads, then it’s very likely that you can convert them. This is just a first step. As you know, like 98% of the people that come to your website will not buy from you the first time. This is a shocking number. If you look at how much money you need to spend, how much effort you need to put in to get people from buying from you and then you know that not even like … the regular conversion rate, I think that the standard conversion rate for eCommerce is below 2% at the moment. You can see how big that is, the conversion optimization. If you can just manage to raise your conversion rate by 1%, you’re going to make so much more money. This is what they’re talking about today.

If you have the right kind of traffic coming to you, it’s very important that you’re getting people to convert. You do that by first of all your website has to look very trusted. If they come to your website, they have to have the right feeling. They have to trust you. The design has to be nice and clean. They have to see the right pictures, so they have to feel okay. I’m right here. It’s the right place to buy that stuff here. They have to feel safe to put the credit card details, and the workflow has to be so that the buying funnels have to be right.

If they arrive at your product page, you have to make sure to put some urgency. Maybe you have a counter there, let’s say it’s just five hours left, and then it will jump up to the regular price or give them some trusted icons or money back guarantee and so on. You need to structure a website very clean, very nice so that they find the buttons straight away. They’re not confused. They figure out how the system works.

Sometimes I see that it’s very … if you click on the card or if you click on the product to buy it, it will just disappear somewhere in the cart. You know, they have to go to the cart, click on the cart again and start the process again. This is nonsense. You have to keep them in the funnel. If they are in your cart already, you don’t want to show them just a popup that the product is in the cart now, and then they are back to the category page or some stupid stuff like that. You have to make sure that you keep them in your funnel. If they are in your cart, you have to make sure they’re going to the next step where they will probably leave their contact details and then go over to the shipping information and payment information. This is very important. Also, in these steps, you can make a lot of mistakes.

First of all, try to get them, of course, into the funnel. It starts in the cart. You start inside the cart to upsell them related products. You can make a lot of money more there. If they are on the page where they need to fill the contact information, make sure that as soon they put in the email address, you captured the email address and got it into a special software that will then send out automated emails to get them back if they not buying from you.

How it works is they don’t even have to click the submit button. As soon they put in the email address in the email field, the software will recognize it, and it will send out in our case we set it up like after 20 minutes, if they didn’t buy after 20 minutes, they would get an email saying, “You forgot something in your cart. Don’t you want to buy it? Here’s 5%.” Then it’s 20 hours later in our case we will send them like a … I think a 5% discount and then like 24 hours or three days later another discount.

We try to get the people back if they have been already in that next step. Then you shouldn’t ask too much information. Of course, you have to ask the information to ship it to them if it’s a product that you have to ship, so address and stuff like that, but don’t ask too much additional questions because every question you ask, it could be that they leave your process because it’s too much work for them to fill it in.

This is critically important. You need to optimize all the check-out steps. This is the most important thing. After the check-out, you could also have an up-sale. As soon it is thank you, as soon they bought from you on the thank you page, you could try to up-sale them something again. If you do it very cleverly, you can connect it so they don’t have to put their credit card details again and it will work so that they could just buy it.

There are also ways like express checkout or whatever, like PayPal express checkout where it will be very easy for them to buy. Every step you’re going to lose people, so you have to try to keep it short. Make your website look trusted. Make it like they trust you to spend money on your website, voting with their credit card. You also have to ensure that they have like shipping privacy policy, or return policy, about us pages, and so on.

Most of the people will check out if they can trust you. They want to read the About Us page. Is that a trusted company. They will look at if they can contact you if they have a question, especially if they spend more money, you need to have that to have a high conversion rate. I hope that was useful. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave a comment below. For everybody who leaves a comment below, I will give away a free book every week. I see you tomorrow. Bye bye.