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ECommerce copywriting is the topic we are going to talk about today. Hi and welcome. My name is Harald F. Rich. Today, I’m going to talk about ECommerce copywriting. So, what kind of copy you need to write if you want to sell more products. This is a very often asked question. People want to know how much content do we have to write, what kind of content do we have to write to sell my products? This is not so easy to tell because it all depends on your product and it depends on your competitors. It depends if people have informational intent if people want to buy, and so on.

So, it, basically, all starts with intent definition. If you want to know more about that, I just wrote a book on it. If you go to my website, you will find a link to my book. I’m talking about, basically, it’s the book, ECommerce Secrets SEO, and I’m talking about the topic, how important it is these days, actually, to figure out what is the user intent because you need to know what the users really want or what the user is really looking for, to be able to produce the right kind of content. This is getting, actually, more and more important because Google is now much more able to figure out what the user intent is.

If you don’t fulfill the user intent in your article with your product, Google will not show you up in the search results. That means even if you write the best kind of content, but you’re not meeting user intent, Google will not show you. So, you don’t have a chance to get a lot of people. It’s not like build it and they come because if you built the wrong thing if you fulfill the wrong user intent, people can’t find it, so they can’t come to you. This is the problem.

You have to figure out what is the keyword that you want to talk about in your article, or what is the product. So, it is all coming down to if the users want to find some information, then you have to write a different kind of article. You have to write different copy. If people want to buy the product and need, not so much information around that, they need more information about the product. The best way …. you should write is. You type in the keyword into the right Google version. So, if you’re in the States, type it into the .com. The tricky thing is that if you are marketing to a different state, or to a different country, you should use a proxy that will tell you exactly what their searches are really.

So, you need to look at certain search results. If you see, for a keyword, like buy a car, or buy a range rover in Dubai, for example, you will see what kind of results will come up. You click through every competitor result, or you click through the ten, 20, 30, first results, and just have a look what is coming up there. So, for a keyword like that, of course, it’s very targeted, you will find dealers, you will find some dealers, that will sell used cars, and so on.

So, you will have to figure out the kind of content that Google is promoting for a keyword like that. If you see it’s product pages and not a lot of content, then you get the feeling that you don’t have to write that much content for it. But you will also see a product page with some additional information, and so on. You really have to figure out what the content is that you have to write and if it’s getting to informational content, which is, actually, much easier to market for, so it’s more long-tail. It’s not like buy this product, it’s informational content, how to whatever. If you write content about that, then you need to make sure.

I would recommend using special tools. One tool, I can link it below, is This tool, they are using the WDR*IDF approach, so this is within document frequency, and they will look at your competitors, and they will look at the content, then they will figure out what keywords are you missing. These days, it’s not about keyword density anymore, as you have to know, it’s all about semantics. Google will know if you write about a certain topic, a lot of keywords. They know it from the database, they know if you are expert in the topic. You should also use those words in that article that will confirm that you are an expert on that topic. This is very important, and these tools will help you figure out what kind of words are you missing out, or where are you over-optimized already.

The tools will look at the competitors, at the top ten, top 20, top 30 competitors, for that keyword in your industry, for your market, and will tell you. It can even compare the content that you have already, with the content of your competitors so that you can optimize it. That, of course, will help you extremely for copywriting, writing articles, if you know now, okay, the average word count is around 1000 words, and these are the words that most of the articles have, it’s not that you exactly have to use every word, but you get a very good overview of what should be in the article. Because the real problem is that, most of the time, if you are a copywriter, if you are an ECommerce owner, ECommerce store, you don’t know the products so well, probably. So, you need some guidance; you need to know what is inside. It’s very handy. A lot of these tools will also have an editor, where you can type in the text and can press analyze, and it will tell you, okay, now these words are inside, but these words are still missing, or here, you are already over-optimized.

So, it’s critically important, first of all, to find out the user intent and, then, see what your competitors are doing. It will look at the best ranking competitors, so there must be a reason, apart from the back links, and apart from the other signals, why these pages are ranking so well. It will be a huge percent ….of the ranking factor will be the content, as well, of course. You should look at the content; you should look what the others are doing, and use tools to figure out what kind of content you should produce.

I hope that was useful. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you leave a comment below and subscribe to my YouTube channel, I will give away a free book for the best comment. I hope that was useful and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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