Ecommerce fulfillment

Ecommerce fulfillment is the topic we’re now going to talk about today. Hi and welcome, my name is Harold F. Rich, and today I want to help you to get the products that you’re selling in your online business fulfilled. I would say there are like three ways you could fulfill them yourself. You could have a fulfillment partner. That’s quite the same, but your fulfillment partner could also be like Amazon or Rakuten or somebody like that. This will give you a little additional advantage because like if Amazon is fulfilling it, you’re getting into Prime and stuff like that.

So let’s talk about the three opportunities and why I would recommend to fulfill yourself. If you read my book … You can get my book if you leave a comment and also subscribe to my YouTube channel; I will give away a book every week to the best comment. If you read my book, you will find some strategies in there to scale up your business, and you will also find strategies or the reasons why I recommend actually to do the support or the fulfillment in-house if it’s possible. But it all depends on how good the relationship is with your fulfillment partner and if it makes sense, and if you have space. If you’re just getting started and if you don’t sell so much, it could make sense to fulfill it yourself, but the problem is if you have a lot of product variations, it’s getting very expensive to order all the stuff into your apartment, garage or house or whatever. And then you probably don’t know, if you sell that stuff, you’re just going to sell like 10% of it, what are you going to do with the other stuff and so on?

If we talk about fulfillment, it would also include like just drop-ship it. You could fulfill it yourself … all the products … fulfill it yourself, bring it to the post and everything will be under your control. Then the other thing would be you get a fulfillment partner, so like I mentioned in some of the other videos, we have a very good fulfillment partner in California, I can place the link below if you’re interested in that. I send the products there from all over Europe and States and Hong Kong and so on, and what they do is they will just store it, and they will send it out for us. So I just have to sell it on the website, and I just have to make sure I send it to their warehouse, and they provide a very professional software that will tell me, “Okay, it looks like in five days the product will be out, or in ten days, so I need to order it now to be able to ship it to the warehouse,” and they will scan everything. I will automatically know what is coming in, what is going out, if there are returns and so on. So they will do all the handling, I just have to run my online business, I just have to do marketing and order the products. Everything else, they will do for me.

Another way is also to ship it to Amazon, and Amazon will fulfill it for you. But Amazon it looks like they have just very low rates, but, if you look at the inbound fee, outbound fee, picking fee and all the other fees, it could get quite expensive for some of the products. Of course, if you sell it on Amazon, and if you’re fulfilled by Amazon, you have the advantage that it’s Prime so that they will send it out faster and it will have a lot of advantages. But not that good thing, what I don’t like about Amazon actually, you don’t have the control. If you send it out over Amazon, if you sell it on Amazon, you will not get the buyer’s email address. You have the physical address because you have to send it out, or they send it out for you, but it’s a problem.

I wouldn’t recommend basing my business on just that channel because you can’t control that channel. So what I prefer is really to have my fulfilment center who’s managing everything for us, and we just have to do marketing and make sure the products are there. I hope that was useful. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Leave a comment below. Like I said if you subscribe and if you left the best comment, I am sending you a book, I am sending a book out every week to the best comment. I see you tomorrow. Bye bye, have a nice day.