Ecommerce – How can your internet business make more money online but spend less on advertising


Hi and welcome, my name is Harald F. Rich, and I am going to show you today how you can save money and sell more if you have an Ecommerce business. There are two critical things I would say if it comes to spending too much money on advertising. Let’s say you spend money on the wrong keywords. Then what happens is you’re not going just to lose money. Or you’re not just going to spend money for the wrong keywords. It’s also very likely that you’re going to attract the wrong customers. And what that will do is it will lead to much more support requests. It will lead to probably much more not so happy customers. Because they somehow expected something different.

Maybe the keyword was much too broad that you have been advertising for. Or it was just that they have been looking for something else because it is such a broad topic. Or it was the right keyword but they just wanted to have another kind of content or product or whatever. So it is critical important of course to know how to find the right keywords. And often it’s not the right keyword if it’s too broad.

Let’s look at some examples, let’s say you sell watches, and you want to advertise and just go for ‘watch’ or if you sell cars just for ‘car,’ or insurance just ‘insurance.’ This is most of the time if you not a huge, huge enterprise company not the best idea. So if you advertise very broad keywords, the question is, what are people expecting if they search for ‘insurance,’ or ‘car’ or whatever. You know what I mean?

If you type in ‘insurance,’ what kind of insurance are you looking for? Or are you look for insurance product? Are you look for information about the insurance? Would you like to have comparison charts? And if it comes to other keywords it’s even harder to figure out like a car, do you want to see a video about a car? What car? What type of car? Would you want to see images? Are you looking for a car to buy? Are you looking for a car to rent? And so on.

So keep in mind it’s very hard actually to get the right customers. And you’re going to lose, or you’ll waste a lot of money if you’re not very specific with your keywords. This is the first point.

The second point is if you have somebody managing your adverts or your other marketing-related channels where you need a special targeting. If this keywords or audience if this target group or this keyword is not the right keyword. If the person who’s in charge is not able to figure it out, of course, you also have a problem.

A lot of times when we come into companies I see that companies are spending a lot of money on general keywords. Like I just recently went into a company, they are selling software, they are quite big in software. But they are advertising on Google AdWords for the keyword ‘software.’ They’re spending thousands and thousands of dollars every month on the keyword ‘software.’

So what are you gonna expect if somebody types in ‘software’? Probably I don’t know what the results should be for that; this is such a broad topic that it doesn’t make any sense to show up for ‘software.’ But still responsible people over there are booking ads for software. I mean this is just hilarious I would say.

So it’s important that you know what your target group wants. That you pick the right keyword, that you have the right people in place helping you to get the right customers. Because like I said this can bring you a lot of wrong people. This could be a lot of more work for your support team. This could mess up your remarketing actually because if you have remarketing in place you will show ads also to all the people who visited you that didn’t really like what you showed them, you’re going to waste a lot of money on the remarketing stuff and so on. It’s going to mess up all your marketing channels. It’s almost as bad as buying Facebook fans or whatever. So be very careful.

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