Today I’m talking about how to grow Ecommerce business successfully, and how I did it.


Hi. My name is Harold F. Rich, and I’m going to tell you today what you can do to grow your Ecommerce business faster, and I’m also going to tell you from my experience.

As many of you know, I’m not just consulting and not just running agencies around the topic of Ecommerce. I am also successfully running multiple Ecommerce businesses myself. And I think, I’m quite sure, this gives me a lot of advantages because I see it in the same way. I see your problems; I’m feeling your pain. I am experiencing all that stuff by myself in my e-commerce businesses. So I’m much closer to everything.

I see what happens if you install some apps and then suddenly the system is not working anymore and stuff like that. So that also leads us to the point that, I can give you very detailed advice in all the chapters of the book. Because I’m one of you. I have got the same issues in my e-commerce stores all the time.

And just recently we had a lot of problems with fraud. The credit card companies came back at us and wanted to have some money back, because some people on eBay, actually a very clever system, the people on eBay, they have been selling our stuff on eBay. They just bought it with stolen credit cards actually from us and sold it for half of the price on eBay. And you can’t do anything about that.

And then we had some major issues with finding payment providers and having problems with shipping, having problems with controlling our inventory, because we also started to sell on Amazon and eBay and three other shops, and started drop shipping and stuff like that. This is all experience that I made by myself.

And I see a lot of things also if it comes down of course to our clients. We see a lot of issues in our client’s Ecommerce stores. We see a lot of things that could go wrong. We know a lot of plug-ins, a lot of solutions around that. And this is why I can help you to grow your e-commerce business much faster basically.

The first steps we already talked about, that it’s critically important to pick the right Ecommerce system, to have the right strategy in place, and basically what you can do is, you can follow my 6S formula, that you will find in my book SCALE UP how to scale your e-commerce business to millions. You will also find a link to that content, to all the chapters below the video, if this is on YouTube. If this is on my website or our website, you will also find a way to read that.

You can go to Amazon to get a Kindle version or order a book if you prefer to have it … reading it yourself. But, I’m talking in these videos about every chapter and try to help you to scale your Ecommerce business much faster.

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I’ll see you tomorrow. Thanks for watching. Bye bye.