Ecommerce Marketing how to do marketing for your Ecommerce business

Today, I want to talk about Ecommerce and marketing. Hi and welcome, my name is Harold F. Rich, and I am producing this again out of Dubai. If you can see it, it’s now 41 degrees here. My son and my wife just went to the pool, and I’m sitting here making the video just for you, so listen to me.

Today we going to talk about marketing; marketing for your Ecommerce business. What Ecommerce channels can you use to market your website or your product? That of course, all depends on your industry. The key for marketing your product or services is to find out where your target group is, and what your target group needs, and how you should, or can talk to your target group.

That means it doesn’t matter what kind of shop system you have; it doesn’t matter if you are getting started new, or if you are already very established. Of course, if you are established, and you have a marketing budget, it’s much easier for you to go off to certain markets and to spend a lot of money in marketing. If you get started new, you have to get started a little slower. You probably don’t have that much money to spend on marketing channels, so it’s important for you to slowly pick the right target group, and to pick the right channel.

If you know your people are … Let’s say on Facebook, you have some hip stuff that you want to sell on Facebook, and you know your target group will be on Facebook, your target group will be very easy to target on face group … On Facebook. There are certain channels, where like you have a lot of groups. Let’s say you want to market to MLM groups or you want to market to other marketers, because you have some software, or you want to market something to; I don’t know, Kindle book publishers, or Amazon sellers, or stuff like that. You will find a lot of groups on Facebook, where there’s a lot of people that will be involved in that topic.

It could be a good way to target the people over there, but especially if it comes to Facebook marketing, it’s a little difficult to get the point in Facebook marketing, because Facebook marketing, you shouldn’t advertise a product. If you look at Facebook, if you look at your own Facebook stream, Facebook you want to see like information about your friends and so on, and it doesn’t match, or it doesn’t fit if there’s then like an ad, and saying, “Buy my product.”

If you want to market on Facebook, you should do it more like information, like to tell it to a friend. Use a very soft way to sell or make people interested, get people interested in your product or service. You could put out a lot of new information, you could write blog posts, you could have nice images that you know that people will like in that industry, or some kind of news or whatever, that will fit actually into their needs, so it will not stand out so much if they scroll through the feed, and they will somehow accept it much better, because it’s not like this is advertisement.

If you have the feeling, or if you see it from data that your target group is not on Facebook, of course, there is always Google AdWords, Google Shopping, and so on. Google AdWords you can use for most of the target markets, I would say, or for most of your businesses because it will just give the people the information if they search for any information, any keywords. It will be right for almost every target group.

For Google Shopping, it doesn’t fit all the time, because sometimes Google Shopping will not show any results for certain queries, for certain things that people will type in, but AdWords is also a very good fit. Also for AdWords, try to get it right. Try to get the target group right, and it’s critically important that you are getting started, or also if you established that you not wasting money and time on keywords that are too general.

You don’t want to market like the keyword, “Car,” or, “Holidays,” or whatever, if you would be a car dealer, or if you would sell holidays or something like that online. You shouldn’t try to target this specific keyword, because they’re too broad. What do you think people are looking for if they type in car or holidays? You don’t know what car they want, you don’t know the color, you don’t know where they want to go on holiday, you don’t know if they want to go on winter, summer holiday, in which country, and so and so.

You have to find out long-tail queries, so it should be at least two, three, four keywords or even a sentence. The less money you can spend, the longer, normally, your query needs to be, or the target keyword, or the target phrase, because the longer the target phrase is, the more words normally then it’s getting quite cheap. The single keywords, the money keywords are very competitive, so there’s a lot of competitors bidding on it, and they might be very expensive.

Try to figure out what are the right keywords for you; this is the key to success. Then you have to figure out, so the keywords would be first, then you have to find out how you can talk to your target group? On which channel are they? How should you communicate your message? What are you going to show them? Do you want to show them information?

If you show them information, it has to be clear for you that they’re probably not in a buying stage. This is especially is important for AdWords, I would say, because if you do AdWords for informational queries, or for queries for search terms that you know that people are going to find or information, then most of the time, people will not buy from you.

This is totally fine if you’re a bigger company, and you can spend the money additionally on building up a focus group or building up a future clients, but if you’re getting started, and you’ve got a very tight budget, you probably should not start by advertising for your blog posts that just give information.

I would really recommend if you’re getting started, then you advertise for your products or your categories, so people will land on your product, and it will be keywords like, “Buy a car,” or, “Holiday in Spain for four persons,” or certain price or price range, or very specific, maybe the island, or whatever, so that you can be sure they type in words like, “Book,” or, “Buy,” or, “Get,” or something like that, that will indicate that they want to have it now.

If they land on your landing page then, they are very likely to buy, and if you’re getting started you need that, because you need a return on your investment straight away most of the time. If you’re getting started new, you don’t have so much money to spend. If you have the budget for that, you can just set up a campaign, and it will allow you actually to show the contents to a lot of new people, and maybe they going to buy later on from you. You could use techniques like remarketing, retargeting, to keep them engaged. You could try to get their email address, and so on so. There’s a lot of opportunities out there.

If it comes to marketing, especially for Ecommerce business, make sure you pick the right keywords, you pick the right target group, you produce the right kind of content, and you try to convert the people. You keep in mind that if it’s informational content, it’s not so likely that they going to convert straight away.

I hope that was useful, and I’m going to do some new videos next week, probably. I will be in Hong Kong to set up a new company. I will talk about that in the next videos, why I’m going to Hong Kong, and why I’m setting up a new company here in Dubai, because Dubai is tax-free. You don’t even have to do bookkeeping, so I don’t have to keep any invoices, great life, as you can tell. I’m still going to Hong Kong to set up another company.

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