Ecommerce SEO – Keyword Research


Keyword research is the topic I want to talk about today, and it’s key word research for your E-commerce business. This is a little different than would be for a regular website. The process is quite similar, but we in E-commerce we have to look at some other factors because we want to have high conversion rates, right? We want to sell stuff. We don’t just want to give information. We want to make sure that our blog posts or additional information are of course not outranking our product pages because if that happens, our conversion will drop a lot.

So we’re going to talk about how you can find the right keywords for your E-commerce business, and it all starts with basic research. We use a lot of different methods to come up with the right keywords. So one of it would be like we do brainstorming in the team. Then, we try to get information from customers or potential clients that could buy the product or service. Then, we go off to friends and family and ask them how would you search for my product or service. That often gives good or great insight, because we are so involved in our businesses that sometimes we forget that normal people don’t search using that key word so that they may use different key words. Especially if it comes to international SEO. This is critically important.

You can’t just translate your key word into the language. It could mean something different. So this is the first step. We use the natural power of the brainstorming and surveys and ask just people and then we go and use a lot of different tools, so we use the Google key word plan to figure out or the key words that Google suggests. Then, we also go in and look at some suggestions that Google suggests or also tools like Ubersuggest and add the tools that will help you to find your related keywords. And we use some other key words generation tools that will help us to help generate some key words combinations, and also we use question and answer tools.

So basically answer tools, you can type in your key word, and it will come up with the questions that people have about the topic, Answer The Public, for example, is a website that you could use for that. So we make sure that we use a lot of sources to gather all the key word information. Then we just put it in an Excel sheet. We put all the keywords in one Excel sheet. We upload it to the Google Key Words Planning, and again we get the search volume for it. We get the competition for it, so we will see how many people are searching for the key word every month and it’s critically important for you of course that you set the keyword planner to the right location. If you are searching for a key word, you have to make sure that if you want to rank in the US, you have to set it to the US or if you just want to rank in a special state or try to be very local, then you have to get the right setting, so you will have not the global search, you will have to local search volume.

So look at the local search volume. Look for keywords that have a low competition and a high search volume, so the perfect keyword for you would be to have a low competition and a high search volume and what would be the golden nugget is if you would have some internal data already that will show you that these key words are also converting. So if you have a key word that has got a high search volume and low competition and you know it’s converting, this is the key word you should go after.

So what I suggest often is that if you do keyword research, and you find keywords that have a low competition, high search volume, go to AdWords or Facebook to test if people are also converting for that and then we got to see, okay, it’s converting and if it’s converting this is the right key word also to do SEO.

Of course, look at the competition. Look who is ranking for it. Look what kind of content they are producing, but this is the key to pick the right keyword because we want to sell stuff if we know that people are also converting, this is great, and it even makes sense then if we know we are going to have a positive result. Then it’s okay to wait like four or six months, ten months, 12 months. However, how competitive the key word is, it will take much more time … if the key word is very competitive, it will take a lot of time.

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