Ecommerce- This is why you are losing money every day.


Hi and welcome. My name is Harald F. Rich, and today I want to talk about how you can scale your Ecommerce business to millions. This is also the book title from my new book that I just released, and in this series of videos, I’m going to talk about every chapter. The first chapter is basically why you are losing money every day in Ecommerce at the moment probably like most of the Ecommerce businesses do.

Let’s talk about these three steps that are very important for you to know. Most of the time what I see is that companies don’t have a strategy at all. That means maybe they have been starting with a very small team and then that have been growing and growing. They didn’t modify or think about to establish a strategy for their Ecommerce business. In most of the cases, I see that companies don’t have a strategy at all and of course, you need to have a strategy, you need to have goals, you need to have systems in place that help you to become successful.

First thing would be you don’t have a strategy. Secondly, we could say it is that there is a strategy, but there are not the right people in charge of that strategy. Often when I go into companies there is the secretary doing Facebook, and she should also take care of adverts and the guy in the IT, he’s responsible for the website, but he’s also responsible for building up the many pages and is doing some adverts on the side and shopping and stuff like that.

These days as all the marketing channels are getting more and more complex, it doesn’t work anymore. The problem is that for every marketing channel these days, you need an expert. And even for a single marketing channel, it could be that you need more than one expert. If you look at SEO for example, there are so many sub-channels I would say. Like so many things they can specialize in. That would be, for example, local SEO international SEO, link building, penalty recovery, and a lot of things more. Some will focus more on the technical side; other will focus more on the back link profile and stuff like that.

Also if it comes to Paid Ads, you have got Google
Shopping, you have got the AdWords, you’ve got the remarketing, you have got youtube ads, and you have got a lot of opportunities and possibilities these days how you can get a lot more money if you know what you’re doing. That’s why in our agencies we have people just specialized in one topic. It doesn’t make any sense anymore to … it’s good to have somebody in the company, in your company that is somehow an allrounder, so he knows all the channels, but is not a real expert in every channel, but he can have the bird’s eye view on all these channels and control the people. If you outsource it, he can control it. If you have it in house, he can have the bird’s eye view on that channel and help you to grow.

The second thing that we just talked about is even if there’s a strategy in place but the people that are doing the work or are responsible for individual channels are not real experts. The third thing that I see a lot is that everything is done quite well. You also have experts, you have a strategy in place, but then what happens is you are, or the companies are doing the wrong things at the wrong time. It’s also important to have the things done in the right order of course. You have to have landing pages in place. You have to have marketing automation in place. You have to have certain implementations before it makes sense to run ads or do some promotions.

A lot of times I see that one department is doing some promotion and the other department that is very close connected to the department or is even responsible for whatever, for the support or for following up with the leads or should promote it on their side as well or should even start much earlier. In SEO you need to start like weeks and months before the promotion to be successful on the channel. The implementation is not there, so it’s not done at the right time and therefore not bringing the results it could bring if it would be done at the right time.

Over the next weeks, I’m gonna talk a lot about all this stuff and what you can do actually to scale up your Ecommerce business. It’s all out of my book, Scale Up How To Scale Your Ecommerce Business to Millions. You can go to Amazon and buy the book. There is a soft cover and Kindle version, and there will soon be an audio version of that book so you can follow the strategies. There is a formula wrapped around that whole book. It’s a 6S formula that will help you to implement the right things at the right time. I would suggest to subscribing to my channel if you want to follow all my videos. I’m gonna do a lot of videos in the next days and weeks. If you watched that on youtube, subscribe to my channel. If you watched that on my website, I’m sure there will be some option below. I’m just shooting the first video, so I’m not sure how I’m gonna implement that on the website, but there will be a button below or on the right side and I hope to see you tomorrow.

Bye, bye. See you. Take care.