Ecommerce Web Design how-to make sure your Ecommerce platform looks professional


Ecommerce web design is the topic that we’re going to talk about today. Hi and welcome. My name is Harold F. Rich, and as you see I am producing this video again here from my Dubai home. We’re going to talk about the design of your Ecommerce store again.

Why is it important or how should you actually design your Ecommerce website? This a question we get asked a lot. We’ve seen a lot of website designs. We’ve know a lot of conversion numbers and so on.

First of all, it’s critically important that your website looks professionally of course. Just imagine this is basically where it starts with user satisfaction, I would say, because if the user comes to your website and your website does not look professionally, if it doesn’t look trustworthy, the user or the potential customer will not like to stay on the website. He doesn’t want to put his credit card data in there. He doesn’t want to buy something from you, if he can’t be sure that you’re a legit business of course.

This starts actually with the design. If people come to your website, first of all, it should load quite fast. You don’t have to be the fastest website. Even Google says, it’s totally fine if your website loads under five seconds. Most of the website should be able to load under five seconds. It’s not just about counting seconds, it’s all about user experience. It is really annoying for your users if they have to wait too long for the website to load. If it’s annoying for users that they have to wait, then you have a problem. People don’t want to wait a long time anymore to see the content. People just want to open the website, click around and buy the stuff, or get the information. They don’t want to wait. They will go to another competitor if they can’t find what they’re looking for, or if it takes too long. Keep that in mind.

Then if they come to the website your logo should be professional. Your colors should match. Your banner should look nice, and it’s very important that actually every page, every sub-page has got a goal. What I mean by that if you design your website, I would make sure that if you make the start page for example, what is the goal for your start page? Do you want the users to sign up on the start page? Do you want the users to watch a video? Do want the users to press on a certain button? Do you want the users to click on a certain link or so on? You should have a goal for every page.

It’s getting critically important if you talk about sales funnels. Sales funnels are also about user design or website design at a certain point, because you need to design it looking trustful, looking clean, looking really professional and spare out or remove the elements that could really get the users to click on a different button again. You want the people to do what they should do. As soon as they are in the funnel, it’s also all about the design.

If it comes to the generic template of your Ecommerce store, of course, it depends on what kind of system you use. I would say for all the systems there are templates out there that you can get for free or that you can buy for very low money, I would say 70-100 or 150 dollars, you can buy templates for all the systems. They are very professional and nice templates out there.

I would always look at the responsive version as well. If you look at the template on a mobile version or if you just shrink the browser to see how the mobile version would like, this is also quite important that the template is mobile responsive. At this stage, you have to know a lot of people. More people actually come over the mobile devices already than over desktop. Google will also in the future, so they say next year they are going to implement a different algorithm. Not a different algorithm, but they will look at your mobile website more than the desktop website, because more people started to actually use the mobile version of the website. They are going to crawl the content from your mobile website, and the search results will actually be more depending on your mobile website not on your desktop version. That’s quite logical.

It’s very important to pick a nice clean template that also fits your industry. It shouldn’t be that people land on your website and think that it’s about something else, because your start image or your header image displays some kind of animal or some kind of picture, that they think “Okay.” They know what it is but they have the feeling okay that’s not what they have been looking for. So they will bounce back and not stay on your website. This is very important that the message actually that you have in your title and in your meta description that will be shown in Google, that this message also, of course, fits with your website design and that you make sure it looks very professional.

All the sales funnel steps should be designed, so people will be guided into the right direction. What I mean by that is if your goal for the start page is probably click on a certain category, because there is a category where you make most of the money, and you know that. So they click on the category, then you display your most making money products very prominent. They click on that product. Then they end up putting the product into the cart. Then you have to make sure that they’re not going to get distracted and they click on different buttons and so on. Your goal is also with your website design to lead the user where you want the user to be. So buy a product, go through the checkout process and buy from you. Always keep that in mind.

I hope that was useful and there will be some more videos about web design or Ecommerce web design in the future. Keep in mind you need to make sure that the user feels safe. That the user has got the feeling they can trust you. That the user will say, “Okay, I’m at the right place here,” because the images, the colors, everything will be matching their expectations.

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