How 6S formula help you to massively SCALE your Ecommerce business and bring it to the next level


Today it’s all about scaling. Scale up. Hi. My name is Harold F. Rich. Today we’re going to talk about the SCALE step of my 6S Formula. The scaling step is all about getting your Ecommerce business to the next level. Of course, that just works if you already have a working system. If you already make money. What is critically important that you followed all the other steps. So, if you have done all the five other steps that I am teaching in my 6S Formula, you’re going to find the 6S in one of my books; it’s the Scale Up book. You will find more information about it on our website, or on Amazon, if you want to read everything in very detail. It’s critically important that you follow the steps, and that you have a working system in place already.

If you don’t make any money at the moment, it could be not good, or it could even be negative to try to scale it up; because it could also scale up the negative part, right? If you’re trying to scale up a marketing channel that does not work, you could even lose more money. I’ve seen it in the future. I mean it.

It sounds quite funny, but in my book I talk about a client that hired us, I think two or three years ago; and we made a marketing campaign for them, and it actually was working quite well. They gave us more money to scale up, or to boost the campaign a little. Then, actually, some days later the CEO called me and just told me, “Stop, stop, stop the campaigns.” He said he can’t explain it now, but they should just stop it. So, we stopped the campaigns, and I think one or two days later, we had a meeting, and he told me that actually what happened is that they didn’t calculate the product right. There was some miscommunication in this company. The company actually sold the product for a price that made them lose money every time they sold a product. If you are scaling up a process like that, of course, you’re even going to lose more money.

It’s not just about how many products you sell. Also, if you go to 3d party marketplace, like Amazon and eBay, and stuff like that, always take a look if it makes sense to sell over there. Because oftentimes they have … you have to give them 15% or 20%, and stuff like that; and it’s very competitive. Of course, if there are different things that it can pull out of the channels that could be like user data, or other information, or market insights, you could use channels like that to go into other markets. So if you want to test other markets, you could use Amazon, eBay, and so on. Of course, that makes sense; but always have a close look on all your channels. If that’s Facebook or SEO or whatever, have a closer look if it makes sense to scale it up. It’s critically important.

For marketing channels like SEO, it’s even harder. SEO, as you may know, takes a lot of time. I would say at least four to six months to see some results; and for more competitive keywords, it takes even longer. To make the decision to scale up, SEO channel is quite hard. You need to have some knowledge in the background to see if it makes sense.

This was all about the scale up part. I hope that was useful. If you watched it on YouTube, subscribe to my YouTube channel now, and don’t do it later. If you watched it on Facebook, or if you watched it on LinkedIn, or on our website, I’m sure there is also a possibility/opportunity for you to visit our website if that’s on a third party like LinkedIn or Facebook, or leave your email address below this post on our website. If you think that could be useful for a friend or some other colleague, then send him the link. I see you tomorrow. Bye-bye. See you.