How improving user SATISFACTION can help your Ecommerce business to make more money


Hi and welcome. My name is Harald F. Rich, and today we’re going to talk about the satisfaction part of my 6S formula. The satisfaction part is quite new in my 6S formula. Before it was so to say a 5S formula. I added the satisfaction part about one and a half years ago. I did that because a lot of my students, many of you may know I’ve got over 30,000 students offline and online, and we do a lot for companies and agencies. So I realized that people are following my system. So the 5S formula like it was called before, but most of the time they missed out on the user, or on the user satisfaction. I think user satisfaction is most critical. It’s one of the parts where you should get it right. If you have happy customers, you’re going to make a lot of money because they will keep on buying from you. If you have a subscription model even better, but a happy customer will even as you know do free marketing for you. If people are happy with your product or service, they will go out and tell it to their friends, their family, and so on.

So because this is so critically important, there is now a step in my 6S formula that is just focusing on satisfaction. The satisfaction part starts for us much earlier than most of the other people are going to look at it. So for us, it starts when the user enters your website the first time. So you have just one chance to make a good first impression of course. So if the user comes to your website, it’s start with a nice professional design of course. Your user has to feel safe. Your user has to feel like they can trust your website, which they can put their credit card details. They have to be able to navigate through your website very easy; they should find everything. So it’s all about your users, and that the user feels good on your website. The website should load fast. They should have the shipping method stated like so maybe they can get it on the next day. There should be all the payment methods they like, and so on. So also this already counts for us in the user satisfaction part.

As soon, of course, the user bought from you, it’s not over. It just starts. You should make sure that the user, of course, gets his package fast. The package is okay. So everything is fine. You ask your users if they have been happy with the process. Your support team should follow up and ask them if everything was okay, and so on. So all of the communication, of course, that happens after the user bought. Also the newsletter stuff, the remarketing banners. The remarketing, or the retargeting emails, and all the automatization after the user bought is all part of user satisfaction. As you may know, the car companies focus a lot on the users that bought already a car from them. They want to make them feel that they make the right decision so they also going to buy the next car from them.

So it’s all about your user. It’s all about satisfying your user, and if you do it right, it’s also a big advantage for the future, and also a big advantage if it comes to the Google search or the SEO part. If you understand that Google is actually trying to imitate the user, it’s the best thing that you can do to focus on the user. It will always be a future proven method.

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I see you tomorrow. Bye.