How to scale up your Ecommerce business so you can make money online faster


Hi and welcome. My name is Harald F. Rich, and I’m world’s number one Ecommerce scaling expert. I run my Ecommerce businesses, and we do a lot of consulting and supporting for large enterprises and other companies.

So today, I want to talk about the how and why of scaling your Ecommerce business. The why? I think it’s quite clear. You want to make more money. And the how? For the how I developed my 6S Formula. I also teach a lot, so I have got over 30,000 students online and offline. I do a lot of talks and workshops and so on. And I realized over the last years that, people are having great success by implementing my strategies. But the problem was really, most of the time, they couldn’t manage to implement all of it, or they did it at the wrong time.

This is why I developed the 6S Formula to help … first of all, I developed the Formula basically for our agencies. So that people in my agencies are able to follow all the steps and it’s much easier than of course, to help our clients to scale up their business. If you have a step by step formula that you can follow.

And secondly of all, I wanted to give that to the students of course, because we had it in place, we tested the formula, we’re still working on the formula and modifying the formula all the time. So just recently, I modified the formula and it was like a 5S Formula before, I added the “Satisfaction” part. Because I can see more and more from my own e-commerce businesses and from the experience of clients that’s getting more and more important to have satisfied customers.

And it doesn’t just start by getting the customers buying from you, you have to keep them satisfied, you have to make sure the shipping is fast, you have to make sure that everything is in place, that your customer is happy. Your customer has that opportunity to contact you, to check with you, to call you, to email you, and stuff like that.

So, the 6S Formula will help you to get into the right direction, and it will even help you if you’re just getting started. Some things are much easier to get implemented or to set up if of course, the company is new. Because for some of the more established companies, you will not be able to implement all of my steps of the 6S Formula.

You may have already established an Ecommerce system that you can’t change anymore because there’s so much connected to it. You may have already, I don’t know, a certain strategy or you will be in certain countries, or you may have picked a certain domain already.

So these things are often not so easy to change, and please don’t … if you read something in my book or if you see something in my videos, make sure you’re not just … like if I recommend having a dotcom domain or I recommend to have a top level domain, because of SEO purposes, and also if you want to go internationally, don’t just go ahead and change the domain name from one day to the other. Because this could be a real problem.

So, everything I teach in my 6S Formula, you will find in detail in some of the videos and also in my books too. You can download the Kindle book, or you can get a paperback or hardcover or whatever. Write an email to my assistant if you want, so get a copy of the book.

So, this is critically important to be able to scale up your business. You want to make more money. You need to have a strategy in place. You need to apply the strategy in the right order. To help you to achieve that, you can follow my 6S Formula.

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So, it’s all the paths that will help you to become successful.

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I hope you enjoyed the video and I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye bye. See ya.