Video Transcription:

Hi and welcome. My name is Harold F. Rich, and today I want to talk about e-commerce. This video will start a series of videos where I am going to give you my knowledge that I collected over the last 20 years, in online marketing and e-commerce. In this part, we are primarily talking about e-commerce and how you can scale up your business.

Some of you may know that I just finished my new book with the title, Scale Up, How To Scale Your E-Commerce Business To Make Millions. If you didn’t pre-register for the book, click on the link below and get your copy of my book first. There’s a very limited amount of people that will get my book first. It’s already getting printed, we’ll have like a golden logo, and all that stuff. It’s very high quality, it’s a limited edition, so if you want to have my book in this limited edition, get it now. Click on the link below, and pre-register for my new book that will come out.

What will the book be about? The book will be about scaling your e-commerce business. I will help you to scale your online shop, your online business, to the next level. I’ve got a lot of experience like I mentioned, over the last 20 years, I was very heavily involved in online marketing, SEO, and also I ran my own online stores, and can give you all that informations in my video, so in my book as well.

I developed a formula actually, to help you to scale up your business. The formula is called a Six S formula, and in the next videos, we going to talk about every chapter of my book, or every step of my formula in very detail. The first S of my Six S formula is basically strategy. In the strategy part, we are going to look at the right strategy, because if you mess up the strategy already, of course then you won’t have any success. It’s very important to focus on the strategy, see what are your goals for the future. See how we can actually go together to this goals, and what you can do to achieve that goals.

The next part would be the structuring part. In the structuring part, I talk a lot about how you need to structure your team, your budget, your internal workflow, so maybe you want to outsource some part of it. I’m going to give you some advice if it is good to keep it in-house, or do it in-house, or outsourcing it, and if you have to do it in-house, or if you want to do it in-house, what you need, which departments you need involved, which decisions makers you should have on your side to be successful. This will be part two of the Six S formula.

Part three is the system. If you talk about the system, you talk about your e-commerce system, your shop system, and all this third-party system, plug-ins and stuff like that, that you need to scale up your business. You need a reliable system, you need a system where you can click and change the language, or change the currency, so we have the chance to go into other markets, and even I show you to go international.

My system will include to go to just other markets, you could go like to eBay, Amazon. You could go into a different state for example, if you are in the States, or you could also go to a different country, especially if you want to come over from like the U.S. to Europe, or to Asia. I can show you, or can help you to get your marketing strategies implemented there, because it’s different. It’s different there, so this would be the next step of that Six S formula, basically.

Then we going to talk about sales, so selling. How can you sell? Can you take your existing sales channels and get them online? What do you need, what channels do we have to look at? We will focus on the right marketing strategies, and if you want to scale it into different countries, or into different states, or go to different market places, we need to be able to adapt that. We will always set up everything so we can scale it now, and we can even scale it more in the future. It’s all future proofed, this is very important.

In the sales part, we’re going to look at how can we scale your sales channel, how can we find out which are actually the right channels for you to bring you fast success? Then we going to optimise all the other channels as well. Then we have the satisfaction part. The satisfaction part is quite new to my formula, before it was just a five step formula, now it’s a six step formula. I included the satisfaction part, because it’s critically important that your users are satisfied, and that starts actually, by your users coming to your website.

Are they satisfied? Do they have to wait a long time until your website is loaded? Can they find what they are looking for? All that and some more stuff, but we also going to look at how fast is your fulfilment? Are they happy with their shipping times, are they happy with how the product arrives at their home? Are you looking at reviews, do you get reviews from your customers? We also try to build trust. I’ll show you how you can build trust, I’ll show you how to build a brand. It’s all about user satisfaction. If your users are not satisfied, if your customers are not satisfied, they’re not going to buy from you again.

Why don’t satisfy them, and have happy customers, and get them to buy more from you, get them to buy again from you. This is one of the keys of my Six S formula. In the end of course, we have the scaling part again. The scaling part again, because first I make sure that all these five parts are working for you. We have to get them working, because it doesn’t make any sense to scale a system that is not ready for scaling, so we have to make sure all the five S factors are optimised. Of course, it also doesn’t make any sense to scale a marketing channel, if the channel is not already successful.

We take care of all that things, so we make sure everything’s running smooth, and then in the last step, we going to optimise, we going to scale it up. If the channel is working, we can find ways to put in more money, or to go in different countries, in different regions, and really scale it up for you. This is what I’m going to talk about in my next videos. We going to talk about every step in detail.

Don’t forget if you didn’t get my book now, you didn’t register for my book now, press on the link below, and you can pre-register for my book. It’s a very limited edition of my first e-commerce book, and you going to be one of the first ones getting the book. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. You going to get a lot of value from it, so I help you to scale your e-commerce business. Well, that was everything for today, and I see you tomorrow. Bye-bye.