How to use my famous 6S formula to scale your Ecommerce business


How to use my famous 6S formula to scale up your Ecommerce business is the topic today. Hi and welcome. My name is Harald F. Rich, and I’m going to talk about some exciting stuff today. I’m going to show you how you can use my 6S formula. If you didn’t hear about my 6S formula til now, you can get my book on Amazon. It’s called ” Scale Up: How to scale your Ecommerce business to millions.” It’s talking about my 6S formula, explaining everything in detail. You can head over to our website, or to find something about my successful book. Also, all these videos will cover my 6S formula.

My 6S formula will allow you to do the right things at the right time. There will be things inside like, satisfaction, scaling, system, strategy and all the steps that you need to become successful. The formula was developed by us internally. I told you that already in the last video, and it’s used by a lot of agencies, a lot of my students already, to help them to scale up their business. The critical part of it is you need to do it in the right order, you have the right strategy in place, and you should follow the formula.

The nice thing about the formula is you can follow the formula like in a circle. The last part would be the scaling part because it doesn’t make much sense to scale a system if your system is not working. You could end up losing more money if you scale the system and it’s not making money.

By the way, let me tell you a quite funny story that happened two years ago. So, we worked for a quite a large client, and they asked us to do some Facebook advertising, some AdWords and some SEO for them, and it was an AdWords campaign that we did for a new product launch. We set up a landing page for them. We made sure to get some traffic and stuff like that. We have been very successful, and we got some more budget to advertise for the new product. Then, suddenly the CEO called me one afternoon said, “Stop. Stop. Immediately stop the ads!” I said, “Okay. Are you sure?” He said, “Yes. Yes, stop them. I tell you all the details later.”

So we stopped the ads and then we had a meeting two days later with the whole team and basically, what happened and I’m sure it happens a lot in bigger companies. What they did is they didn’t calculate the product price right. So, they ended up losing money on every unit they sold they lost money. But, they didn’t know that before, and we sold a lot of stuff, there was miscommunication between the departments, and I don’t know. Shipping was expensive, and the production was more expensive than planned. Then, somehow the price wasn’t looked over carefully before they released it so, you could also lose money.

This is also why it just makes sense to implement the scaling part of my 6S formula if everything is working. This also applies with the formula if you take the formula to another country, to another market. That’s also the nice thing that you can apply the formula, not just for your primary home market, you can also apply the formula if you go internationally. If you go internationally, you don’t have to work on all the steps that much because you would have a lot of basic stuff already. You may have to stretch in place that you won’t. Maybe you need to modify.

I’m just writing a book about that. How you can go global with your Ecommerce business. I’m not quite sure what the title of the book will be now, but I think it will be something like ‘Global Ecommerce Secrets’ or something like that. This book will be totally about how you can go from one country, so from your primary market to a new international market because it’s not just like you could take the 6S formula just replicate it or duplicate it to another country. Keywords are different. You can’t just translate the keywords. People are different. Use intend different. All the stuff.

So, my 6S formula allows you to follow all the steps and get it right from the beginning on, so you don’t have to go back and invest a lot of time, invest a lot of money in fixing stuff. I hope you enjoyed this video and subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you watched that on YouTube, the button should be somewhere here. If you are watching it on my website, or if you watched it on our agency website,, make sure you also press on the button below or the left or the right and leave your contact detail so you can get updates.

If you know somebody who is in Ecommerce selling stuff, some decision makers or some responsible people for Ecommerce, or shop owners, send them a link to my videos. I’m sure they will be able to get a lot of knowledge and generate a lot of more money if they watch my videos. I see you tomorrow and take care. Bye bye.