Marketing Automation

Imagine a customer buys from you and “magically” from that time on someone takes over for you taking care of your customers and even sells more to them.

Want some of that? I sounds magical, right? – but this “magical thing” is called marketing automation and is the reality!

Many of our clients have used E-Mail Autoresponders and SMS marketing in the past, and this was working very well for them. Still, most of them, can’t believe how much researchers and time we can save them and how much more money our strategies and automation methods can make them.

Because “Marking Automation” is still quite new for most of our clients we get questions like “Yes, but we don’t want to send the same message automatically to all our clients”, or “we don’t want to bother our clients too much – they get so many e-mails already every day” or even “I don’t think that will work for us”.

Let me tell you, we don’t have one single client for whom “Marketing Automation” is not working and don’t worry, even if it’s called “Automation” every step every action that your customer performs will have an impact on the next message that will be send out – so “Marketing Automation” is actually one of the most personal ways of marketing I can think of!

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