Should I use WordPress to build my eCommerce business website –¬†WooCommerce for Ecommerce?


Hi and Welcome, my name is Harrold F. Rich, and today it’s all about WooCommerce and if you should use WooCommerce as an Ecommerce platform. Well, that depends, I would recommend WooCommerce for smaller stores. Actually but it’s hard to say because it all depends on the strategy. It all depends on your future goals; it’s probably not a very wise decision if you know you’re going to grow very fast. If you know, you’re going to get into different global countries, if you know you’re going to need different shipping methods, if you know you’re going to need special payment methods and all that stuff.

Of course, you can program everything into WooCommerce, but the issue is WooCommerce is not a shop system. I mean it’s it’s it’s a system in itself, but actually, it’s WordPress, and then there’s WooCommerce as an extension. So it’s different than to have like a Shopify or a Magento because the main purpose of Shopify or Magento is to be a shop system and of course the main purpose of WooCommerce is to be a shop system. But you always need WordPress, and that makes it sometimes very hard to handle. First of all, WordPress is getting hacked a lot; you know that because it’s used so often if you have a system like Shopify they take care very well of the infrastructure, so it’s much harder for hackers to hack it.

But the most, well the biggest problem I would see of course if you have just I don’t know 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200 products then WooCommerce will be able to handle that very well. If you’re going to expand later on and you have got a lot of products you probably, later on, will anyways jump to an e-commerce system that would be like a real conversation. Like I mentioned like a Shopify, a Magento or some other system and this is now the question why should you start with the WooCommerce. Just because you are confident using WordPress doesn’t mean that you should start your shop system with WooCommerce.

It’s so easy to set up for like a Shopify store, and the other advantages are of course because Shopify is like a shop system, you’re going to find hundreds and thousands of plugins like in WordPress that you just install and they will allow you to now do everything. So it’s very easy to plug in your Analytics to get the data, you’re gonna find plugins to you know make upsells down sells you’re gonna have everything that is needed for real shop system, and I’m a little worried. If you start with WooCommerce that you’re going to go to a point where you can scale it up anymore because you’re getting too many products or you’re having issues you want to connect. It comes from our some internal system, and there are all the things like thinking about it, like we in our e-commerce businesses we run like I think in a moment six or seven stores and we use the same inventory software for all of the stores. So because we’re using Shopify, we can connect all our stores to that inventory third-party provider and this plugin makes sure to push the inventory to all of the stores to push the right prices to push the right ways to push the

Because we’re using Shopify we can connect all our stores to that inventory third-party provider and this plugin actually makes sure to push the inventory to all of the stores. To push the right prices, to push the right weights, to push the images, push the product and we can scale it up. We are also able to implement different languages, different countries and so on. So if you have a WooCommerce most of these professional tools will not have plugins or integrations for WooCommerce because it’s not used professionally. Don’t get me wrong it could be the right choice for you to sell some products using WooCommerce. But really if you decide that you want to open up eCommerce store that you want to make money online I would recommend going for Shopify, for example, it’s very similar I would say to WordPress. It’s the same system using plugins and stuff like that, and you will be able to scale up your

It’s the same system using plugins and stuff like that and you will be able to scale up your eCommerce business and make a lot of money and you don’t have to change the system later on if you want to go into another global market or so on. So this is critically important to keep in mind, so my answer, if you should use WooCommerce for your eCommerce store, is actually to get a Shopify store and do it there that’s the much better decision.

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