What resources do you need to implement all the steps?


Today we’re going to talk about resources, Hi and welcome my name is Harold F. Rich, and today it’s all about resources. “What resources do you need to implement the 6’s formula?”, So it depends if you plan to do everything in-house or if you plan to outsource?

What I recommend is that you do some critical parts I see it much more sufficient or much more professional most of the time if you do like support in-house and the fulfillment if that’s possible. If your support staff is sitting in your warehouse for example or in the same building and if the support requests com in like, where is my package and what happened to this and that and stuff like that. The support people can just go there and check it out themselves if this is a third party or outsourced support team they can’t go there.

They would have to call or send a ticket again and you know it gets very confusing and most of the time they will also do not have the knowledge. The product knowledge it depends on what product you have, but most of the time I feel it’s better to have all the support stuff and the fulfillment in-house. On the other side marketing, I would see as a good channel to outsource. It’s good to have somebody in the team who has got the bird’s eye view on all the marketing channels and knows what’s going on.

Watching the analytics, but as marketing as all the marketing channels are getting more and more complex, so SEO is getting so complex, AdWords is getting so complex, Google shopping, Facebook it’s all getting so complex.

If you want work professionally, then I would recommend outsourcing all that marketing channels so if it comes to resources it’s really about how much you’re gonna outsource and how much you’re gonna have in-house.

Of course, if you don’t have so many resources in house you’re gonna need more money to outsource it and like I mentioned, there are channels that make sense to outsource and others that don’t make sense.

If you go global, If you go to different countries keep in mind that you also need to care about a different time zone, so if you think about your support probably is a different time zone, if you go from the States to Europe for example, keep in mind like there are 12 or 11 hours time difference, so you need to make sure that support somebody is active in Europe.
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