Why eCommerce SEO is so important for your eCommerce business. That’s the topic we’re going to talk about today.


Hi, and welcome. My name is Harold F Rich, and today it’s all about eCommerce SEO. Like many of you know already, I just finished writing a new book about it. It’s called eCommerce SEO Secrets. If you click on the link below, you should be able to find the book if you’re interested in it.

Why is it so important for you to get SEO right if you run an eCommerce business? I can tell you, from my own experience, I am running my own eCommerce businesses, and I also do a lot of consulting for our agency clients, and what I see is of course paid advertising is, a lot of times, much easier for the decision makers to implement, because you can really measure the results. What I mean by it, you can spend, let’s say, $500 to $1000 a day. You put into AdWords, or you put into Facebook, and then you have a report at the end of the day. You have a report, you see how many clicks, what search terms there have been, and so on. It’s very easy for responsible people to go up to their boss, or to their CEO, or whatever, and to show them the data. You can’t do much wrong.

Of course, you can mess up, because the numbers are bad, but actually, you see it very fast. You have very fast results. I have the feeling, and I see that in a lot of businesses, that that’s their reason why, actually, decision makers, people that are responsible for eCommerce SEO, or eCommerce growth, often don’t SEO so much, because an SEO, as you know, you need time. You at least need four to six months’ time to see any results. What that means is you have to spend money up front, and you can’t be sure if the outcome is right, or you can’t have exact or precise numbers. I can’t tell you if we start to do eCommerce SEO, that you’re going to be on position number five in four months, or whatever. It all depends on your competition.

First of all, you never know what your competitors are doing. If they spend a lot of time and money on SEO, of course, it’s getting harder and more difficult for you to overtake this position, especially if you’re getting started new, and you have competitors that are very established already, quite older competitors that have done a lot in this field already. It’s getting very hard to build up all the trust, to write all the great content to get there.

But still, you should invest money into eCommerce SEO as soon as you can. I understand if you’re just getting started new. You need a fast return on your investment. Probably AdWords, Facebook, and some other channels are better for you to start, but as soon as you can, put in some money and build up SEO. It’s critically important. It’s not just for the Google rankings. You will see, if you do it the right way, you get enormous power on the Internet, because if you do it the right way, then your brand will be everywhere. You will be mentioned in a positive way everywhere in every forum people would search for your brand, everything they read about your topic. You will be mentioned there if you do it the right way. That will not just help you to get higher rankings. That will also help you to get direct traffic from all the platforms.

What I see is all that direct traffic that comes in from the forums, and blog posts, and affiliates, and so on, it’s extremely high conversion rate, because they have been already involved already, quite deep into the topic. That’s why they have been searching for more information. If they find your brand or the link to some blog post … Excuse me. Or the link to some other information in that forum or whatever, they click on it, they are much more involved already. They’re much more ready to buy, most of the time. So, we see very high conversion rates. We see conversion rates up to 15% if they come from direct traffic. So, it’s not all about rankings, but I understand those decision makers have a hard time because they can’t tell their CEO or whatever, “Okay, we spent that money, and hopefully we’re going to get results in the future.” They have to do it right to get results in the future.

The nice thing about it is if you build it up … So, for our own eCommerce business, we already have two-thirds of the traffic that is coming in and bringing us money from organic search. We just started one year ago, and I can tell you we spent … What did we spend? We spent around $15 to $20,000 per month in AdWords. AdWords doesn’t bring one-third of the traffic and conversion. So, you can see, basically, that our SEO traffic has got value from at least $30,000, but we don’t even spend … We spend around $5,000 a month. So, you see, this is a big, big value that you can build up, and it’s just after one year that it brings in that massive amount of traffic.

If you think about it, if you stop to pay for AdWords, AdWords has got advantages and disadvantages, of course. You can turn it on … Or, the Facebook. You can turn it on very fast. The disadvantage is if you don’t pay anymore, you’re not visible anymore. With SEO, it’s all a little slower. It takes time to bring all the keywords in good positions, but then, if you stop, it will last for weeks, or months, and sometimes even years. It depends on how competitive the keyword is. If it is a competitive keyword, it will happen that it will drop after weeks already, if you stop to do SEO, because it’s regular competition. The competitors will overtake.

If you just take my example, for AdWords, we spend $30,000 and make more like one-third of our conversions, or money from that. For SEO, we just spend $5,000 and have around two-thirds of it. We don’t have that much other traffic. We have some direct traffic, as I told you, and stuff like that, but to give you a very rough idea about the money we spend and the traffic sources we’re having. It totally makes sense to start from the beginning on.

For SEO, the other problem is also that we don’t get the keywords anymore, so in Google Analytics, Google doesn’t show us the exact keywords anymore that people have been searching for. In my book, eCommerce SEO secrets, I also show you how you can find out what the keywords have been. I can’t tell you the specific keywords, but you can figure it out if you look at what the landing pages have been driving the traffic and the sales. You could find out, very likely, what the keywords have been that the people typed in.

I hope that it was useful, and I would suggest starting SEO for your eCommerce business as soon as possible. Click on the link below, or click on the link above. Wherever you’re watching, the link will be below or above. You will find a link to my new book, eCommerce SEO Secrets. I hope the video was useful, and I’ll see you tomorrow. If you watched it on YouTube, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Bye bye.