Why is the outcome using the 6S Formula so much better?


Why is the outcome of my 6S formula so much better than you would use a different formula?

Hi my name is Harold F. Rich, and today we’re going to talk about my 6S formula again, and it’s all about the outcome today. We’re going to talk about the outcome of the formula and why it’s so much better than you would use a different formula, or if you would just use no structure as most of the people not using any structure to scale up their Ecommerce business.

First of all, it’s so much better because it’s a proven formula we use it internally in our agency. Our customers use the formula, and a lot of my 30,000 students use the formula so it’s a proven formula and it’s it’s a formula that was established out of all the things I’ve seen over the last years. Out of my knowledge out of all the problems that I’ve seen and, this is why the formula works very well, and the other thing is why the formula works so well. It’s the things that you have to do, but it’s not just the things you have to do it’s all the things that you have to do in the right order.

This is critical because if you are doing the things but you’re not doing the things, not in the right order. What happens is that the strategy will not really work for you and especially in bigger companies this is getting a problem, as you may know, if you work in a bigger company if there are a lot of different departments. Sometimes it happens that one department is doing I don’t know some advertising or they run some campaign and the other departments don’t even know anything about it, but actually this aren’t with the departments as well that should know about it because they are involved in following up or actually the SEO department should be involved in that.

Like two or three months before or more to you know oh so be able to help them to get the campaign rolling. If you work in an enterprise company and you also do like TV ads, it would also be critically important to let the guys from the website know like there is a TV ad coming up. Make sure the service will be able to keep up with the with the traffic that will come in probably because we’re doing ads and all that stuff. Also, there is a lot of clever competitors out there that will look if you’re doing TV ads and you didn’t make sure you know your to register domain maybe have got some kind of fancy slogan that a lot of people with Google for that slogan. You could end up having a competitor ranking for that or doing ads for that or having the keywords domain or stuff like that.

If your company is smaller, of course, it’s not so much of an issue, but still, it’s important that you do the right things at the right time even if you run your Ecommerce system, your shop system by yourself. It doesn’t make much sense like to make to set up AdWords and stuff to market to people if you don’t even know who your target group is.

If you didn’t set up a nice landing page if you don’t have the right plugins in place if you don’t have marketing automatization in place if you don’t have analytics installed. So you’re not collecting any data so you could lose a lot of time and a lot of money if you do the things. But if you do the things in the wrong order, so this is why my 6S formula has got such a good outcome, and there’s a lot of case studies and a lot of people who implemented the formula very successfully.

If you are interested to read about the formula you can just go to my website you will find the book there. It’s the scale up book actually, and you will also find the book on Amazon so you could read all about the formal and very detail. I’m just producing an audio book you will find that on audible, and the title will be scaled up “How to scale your Ecommerce business to millions.” I hope that was useful if you are on YouTube if you watched it and YouTube press on the subscribe button below if you watch that on my website or any other website make sure you find a way to subscribe to our newsletter, so you’re not going to miss any updates in the future. I see you tomorrow thanks for watching bye bye see you.